BOK Financial's overall growth objective is to increase long-term value by building on existing market leadership throughout the state of Oklahoma and expanding into high-growth metropolitan areas in the region. BOK Financial began its regional expansion with two small acquisitions in the Dallas area in 1997 and has grown average assets in Texas to more than $5 billion. Today over half of BOK Financial's loans are attributed to markets outside of Oklahoma.

One of BOK Financial's notable strengths is its diverse revenue streams. Noninterest revenue consistently represents more than 40% of total revenue. BOK Financial offers a broad range of financial products and services, including cash management, mortgage banking, and brokerage and trading services to middle-market and small businesses, financial institutions and consumers. BOK Financial's vision is to provide sophisticated nationally competitive products with personalized responsive client service.

BOK Financial's balanced strategies have withstood varying economic cycles. By staying focused on core objectives which include investing in top talent, maintaining diverse revenue streams and providing exceptional service, BOK Financial has grown from a $2 billion Oklahoma bank to a $30 billion regional financial services company. BOK Financial's proven strategies create value for shareholders, clients, employees and communities.

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