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About BOK Financial

We began in 1910 as a regional source of capital for the energy industry; we’ve become one of the strongest, most vibrant financial institutions in the country, fueling economic growth and security across the American Midwest and Southwest. From our roots in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we’ve grown into a leading provider of sophisticated financial solutions to businesses, institutions and individuals across the country.

We are nimble and responsive to changing market and industry conditions, while taking time to build enduring relationships with our clients.

We believe that no financial challenge is too big and no opportunity too small to make an impact. We are guided by our commitment to serving our clients, providing a positive work environment for our employees and making a difference in the communities we serve.

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Third Quarter Earnings

Steven G. Bradshaw, president and chief executive officer, stated, “The third quarter was BOKF’s second-consecutive record quarter with net income of $188 million or $2.74 per share. This quarter exhibits many of the benefits achieved from our strategy to generate revenue growth through long-term commitments and investments. Our diversified Wealth Management business, built over 30+ years, largely through organic growth, led the way with a record $153 million in total revenues, a 14% increase from their previous high set during the same quarter last year. Our alternative investment practice, which began in 2005 and provides equity and debt capital to growing businesses, experienced significant gains during the third quarter adding $31 million to pretax revenue. These types of long-term differentiators set us apart and demonstrate the force of a diversified business model.”

Bradshaw continued, “Equally impressive to our revenue generating opportunities this year has been our firm hold on expense management, which has grown at a rate just slightly above 2% over the last two trailing twelve month periods, despite significant technology and cyber-related investments. While loan growth continues to be a challenge, and our line utilization levels at five year lows, we believe that the inevitable return to normalized levels will result in significant earnings growth potential. Our strong results today leave us well-positioned to aggressively add customers throughout our loan portfolio.”

Steve Bradshaw President and Chief Executive Officer, BOK Financial

Our Leadership

The depth of expertise across BOK Financial Corporation’s leadership is second to none. A practiced, knowledgeable leadership team coupled with a robust board of directors who possess a breadth of knowledge, both inside and outside of our economic footprint, adds a diverse perspective to our organization.

Our Family of Brands

BOK Financial Corporation has a long-time commitment to serving customers and communities throughout the United States. It provides a wide array of banking, fiduciary and investment services through our regional bank brands, a broker dealer, four registered investment advisor firms and an electronic funds network.

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