BOK Financial Corporation

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S&P Moody's Fitch Ratings
  Long-term Issuer BBB+ (OS)
Baa1 (OS)
A (OS)
  Short-term/Commercial Paper -
S&P Moody's Fitch Ratings
  BOKF, National Association
Long-term Issuer A- (OS)
Baa1 (OS)
A (OS)
Subordinated Debt BBB+
Short-term/Commercial Paper A-2
Certificate of Deposit -
A1 (OS)
Bank Individual -
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Credit Reports

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Analyst Coverage

Firm Analyst
Citi Ben Gerlinger
D.A. Davidson & Co Peter Winter
Hovde Group Brett Rabatin
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Woody Lay
Raymond James Michael Rose
RBC Capital Markets Corp. Jon Arfstrom
Stephens Inc. Matt Olney
Truist Securities Brandon King
Wedbush Securities David Chiaverini
Wells Fargo Securities Timur Braziler

Mergers & Acquisitions

Target Seller State Industry Date Status Deal Value($ M) Target Total Assets ($000)
CoBiz Financial Inc.
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CO Bank 6/18/2018 Completed On 10/1/2018 942.82 3,815,507
MBT Bancshares,Inc. MO Bank 12/8/2015 Completed On 12/1/2016 102.50 584,478
United Banks of Colorado Inc. CO Bank 5/23/2007 Completed On 6/18/2007 43.00 173,289
Worth Bancorporation, Inc. TX Bank 3/9/2007 Completed On 5/31/2007 127.13 389,819
Valley Commerce Bancorp, Ltd. AZ Bank 12/20/2004 Completed On 4/6/2005 32.02 152,197
Colorado Funding Company CO Bank 7/10/2003 Completed On 9/10/2003 81.70 303,273
Bank of Tanglewood, NA TX Bank 5/16/2002 Completed On 10/25/2002 65.00 250,204
CNBT Bancshares, Inc. TX Bank 8/21/2000 Completed On 1/11/2001 91.40 423,820
Swiss Avenue State Bank TX Bank 3/8/1999 Completed On 6/16/1999 32.00 210,219
Mid-Cities Bancshares, Inc. TX Bank 3/1/1999 Completed On 6/4/1999 17.00 67,123
Chaparral Bancshares, Incorporated TX Bank 3/1/1999 Completed On 5/14/1999 29.90 94,972
First Bancshares of Muskogee, Inc. OK Bank 12/29/1998 Completed On 6/30/1999 60.50 233,104
First Texcorp, Inc. TX Bank 12/19/1996 Completed On 3/4/1997 39.30 135,175
Park Cities Bancshares, Inc. TX Bank 9/15/1996 Completed On 2/12/1997 50.90 231,473
Northwest Bank of Enid OK Bank 5/16/1994 Completed On 10/7/1994 8.30 51,656
Citizens Holding Company OK Bank 5/12/1994 Completed On 11/14/1994 33.40 214,000
Plaza National Bank OK Bank 12/22/1993 Completed On 5/2/1994 11.90 89,568
Brookside Bancshares,inc. OK Bank 12/22/1992 Completed On 5/7/1993 26.30 112,322
Sand Springs Bancshares, Inc. OK Bank 12/22/1992 Completed On 5/7/1993 11.20 61,622
17 Branches
BankAmerica Corporation
NM Bank 7/27/1998 Completed On 12/4/1998 NA 431,856
1 Branch
BancFirst Corporation
OK Bank 4/15/1998 Completed On 6/27/1998 NA 30,600
19 Branches
First Gibraltar Bank, FSB
OK Thrift 8/10/1992 Completed On 12/31/1992 NA 463,500
NA OK Bank 1/1/0001 NA NA NA
NA OK Thrift 1/1/0001 NA NA NA
Switchgrass Holdings, LLC NA Not Classified 5/1/2018 Completed On 5/1/2018 14.00 NA
Charter of Osage Valley Bank
Exchange National Bancshares, Inc.
MO Not Classified 12/22/2006 Completed On 3/16/2007 0.43 NA
Charter of State Bank of Colony
Kanbanc, Incorporated
KS Not Classified 6/30/2006 Completed On 11/6/2006 1.82 NA
Trust office of Texas Commerce
Chemical Banking Corp.
NA Not Classified 6/13/1994 Completed On 6/13/1994 6.07 NA
Mortgage servicing rights
Beal Financial Corporation
NA Specialty Lender 2/9/2010 Completed On 2/9/2010 32.29 NA
E-Spectrum Advisors LLC
Energy Spectrum Securities Corp
TX Broker-Dealer 1/11/2016 Completed On 1/11/2016 NA 429
Weaver and Tidwell Financial Advisors, Ltd
Weaver LLP
TX Asset Manager 1/5/2016 Completed On 3/1/2016 NA NA
MBM Advisors, Inc. TX Asset Manager 3/4/2014 Completed On 4/30/2014 NA NA
GTRUST Financial Corporation KS Asset Manager 10/2/2013 Completed On 2/28/2014 12.60 NA
Milestone Group, Inc. CO Asset Manager 8/19/2012 Completed On 8/19/2012 NA NA
Leo Oppenheim & Co.
Leo Oppenheim & Co., Inc.
OK Broker-Dealer 6/3/1998 Completed On 8/15/1998 NA NA
Trust Company of Oklahoma of Tulsa, The OK Asset Manager 7/24/1992 Completed On 11/13/1992 5.60 NA

Target Buyer Industry Date Status Number of Branches All Branch States Total Deposits Transferred($000)
Charter of First United Bank
Commerce Financial Corporation
Not Classified 8/1/2007 Completed On 9/21/2007 NA CO NA
2 Branches
Access Anytime Bancorp, Inc.
Bank 6/21/1999 Completed On 11/5/1999 2 NM 23,892
1 Branch
First Altus Bancorp, Inc.
Bank 10/5/1994 Completed On 1/14/1995 1 OK 20,000
1 Branch
First of McAlester Corporation
Bank 7/8/1993 Terminated 1 OK 21,000

DRIP/Direct Investment

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the “Plan”) is available to registered shareholders of BOK Financial Corporation. The Plan automatically reinvests the cash dividends you receive from your ownership in BOK Financial Corporation. The plan also allows for additional investments. To find out more, please contact EQ Shareowner Services, PO Box 64856, St. Paul, MN 55164-0856 or click here to visit their website. You may also call 1-800-468-9716 for more information.

  • Reinvest your dividends in full or in part
  • Purchase additional shares monthly by investing as little as $50
  • Authorize recurring monthly purchases through the automatic investment feature at no cost
  • Receive a statement of your account each time dividends are reinvested